Beam Srl specializes in mirror covers

We'll change the way you look at trucks! Since 1978 Beam Srl produces chrome mirror covers for trucks that are great alone or matched with a complete chrome package. These chrome side mirror covers are crafted from durable ABS and pop right over your existing mirrors, so customization takes just minutes.

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Chromed mirror covers for trucks

When you are looking for a cover for your mirrors and other truck part accessories you will want it to be as easy as possible to install. Beam's mirror covers are perfectly and easily fitting to any kind of truck.

Beam mirror covers
Choosing the Truck Part Accessories that are Right for your Vehicle.
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Installing a Cover for the Mirrors has never been so easy!
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Custom chromed mirror covers.
Customize your trailer or lorry by yourself!
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Our side mirror covers are chrome or stainless steel or in some powder coated coloured finish.
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Truck Accessory Electric HornsElectric Horns

Let people know you're there with these electric horns. We guarantee we're the best deal on truck accessories on the net.

Beam Air horns for trucksAir Horns

Think of Beam Air Horns as an integrated system for making yourself heard. An ideal tool for emergency vehicles, trucks, boats, and industrial plants.

Beam Mounting kits for your truckMounting Kits

Truck Fenders and Mounting Kits for your big rig semi truck available in stainless steel and poly fenders. Multiple colors and styles to choose from.

Truck accessories: Exterior designExterior Design

A great way to step up out of the ordinary and into class.

Interior design for lorries and trucksInterior Design

The cab interior is designed to make it as easy as possible to concentrate on the road. The instruments are within the driver’s field of vision and easy to read.

Security Systems for lorriesSecurity Systems

Whether you own your truck for work or for personal everyday transportation, it is an investment worth protecting. Apart from regular tune-ups and oil changes, an alarm system is a great way to protect this investment.

Voltage reducers for trucks and heavy vehiclesVoltage Reducers

Find out the voltage reducer you need for the installation of systems and accessories for your vehicle. Safe installations of truck accessories by using Beam voltage reducers.

Gadgets for trucks and lorriesGadgets

These designs, concepts and modifications take the ordinary car or truck and make it into something altogether new and interesting.

Our company specialized in tair horns for trucks

Other details about Beam srl and its truck horn production

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