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Order Beam products directly from home!

Beam offers its retailers a wide choice of technical and business support services and products.

Ordering online is simple and fast

In order to make orders easier and faster Beam gives its retailers the opportunity to place orders directly on its website at any time.

The quality and safety of the online service is guaranteed!

Beam guarantees the utmost efficiency of its online ordering system, providing its retailers with both a comprehensive product range and a safe service.

Payment by credit card

Payment by credit card will be done through PayPal, a world leading company in the sector of online payments within eBay.
PayPal simplifies and speeds up payments. At the same time it safeguards its customers as it provides a completely reliable service and protects their personal details. The procedure is extremely simple: after having selected to pay by credit card and confirmed your order you will receive by email an invoice by Beam with a link to a section where you can enter you details and credit card number and proceed with your payment.

Delivery cost

The delivery cost is calculated with a simple procedure: for every European or ExtraEuropean area our currier have some prices that change depending on the volume and the weight of the ordered articles.

If you want to know your delivery costs, you can follow two easy procedures:

  1. Click on the below banner and simulate your order: the delivery costs will be automatically calculated!
  2. Fill in all the sections the Request for Information form, our staff will be glad to calculate for you the delivery costs in every detail!

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